Full Agents

In the capacity of “Full Agents” Fillette Green is entrusted with serving the interest of both the nominating party and appointing party (herein referred to as Key Parties)as defined  by the relevant charter party.  The appointment of the agent and acceptance of the appointment creates a fiduciary relationship between the two parties.  As such, Fillette Green has an obligation to the nominating party to assist in their port requirements and provide updated details of the port call and document management, but may not act or divulge any information that may be considered detrimental to the appointing party’s interest.

In this capacity, Fillette Green is directly responsible for:

  1. Ensuring all pre-arrival  notices are forwarded by the Master to the respective shippers, terminals or assigns as designated in the C/P.
  2. Assisting the Master to ensure the timely filing of all advance compliance mandates of U.S. coast Guard and Custom Border Protection.  This includes the timely submission and acceptance of the E-NOA/D , ACE submission, ballast water reports and  processing of the CBP CF3171.  (see Regulatory Compliance for definitions of each)
  3. Providing advance notice to pilots, port and terminal authorities to ensure timely entrance into port and berthing availability.
  4. In tandem with the pre-arrangement of required services for the port call, Fillette Green is required to submit a preliminary port program and estimated disbursement request to ensure advance funding for the implied guarantee of payments for all necessary services required by the vessel to accomplish the obligations of the relevant C/P.
  5. To arrange inspectors, surveyors and other third parties required by the C/P, terminal/port regulations, government authorities or the Master.
  6. To arrange bunkers, fresh water or stores that are for the account of  the Key Parties.  Third parties requiring such services must engage the agency directly under terms that are mutually agreed.
  7. Coordination with terminals, stevedores, suppliers for prompt berthing and commencement of cargo operations is at all times paramount to the agent.
  8. Key Parties are to receive regular communications of all events and time lines pertaining to the vessel’s port call.  Any weather events or issues pertaining to navigation or other incidents that could have any affect on the port program to be advised.
  9. The agent serves as an intermediary between the forwarder preparing the bill(s) of lading and the Key Parties.   The agent secures the Master’s Authority to sign original bill(s) of lading and does so only on the written authority of the Key Parties for the signing and release of original bill(s) of lading.
  10. The agent prepares a Port Log/Statement of Facts comprising the various elements in the time line of the vessel’s port call taken directly from the Master’s Log Book or by third party supported documentation, such as terminal logs or tug service tickets.
  11. The agent is responsible to ensured the original Port Log/Statement of Facts is signed by the Master, terminal,  shippers, suppliers or others as determined by the Key Parties.
  12. The agent provides all advance notices and key arrangements for the timely sailing of the vessel on completion of cargo operations or as determined by the Key Parties.
  13. The agent distributes copies of all essential documents to the key parties and their assigns.
  14. The agent prepares and submits a full disbursement account covering all expenses incurred and a reconciliation of all cash advances made by the Key Parties.

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