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Fillette Green Shipping Services- Port Canaveral, Florida

8137 Port Canaveral Blvd.
Cape Canaveral, Florida  32920-2834

Phone:  (321) 783-6307
Fax:       (321) 783-6670
E-mail:  ptc@fillettegreen.com

Contact:  Claire Roth
Mobile:  (321) 863-7560


Port Canaveral is located on the Atlantic coast of the Florida peninsular.  The ports has full service cargo facilities and serves as a major cruise port of embarkation for several cruise lines servicing the Caribbean and other destinations.


Key Features of The Port:

  • Experienced in handling bulk, breakbulk, refrigerated, project, container and Ro/Ro cargoes
  • Closer to more major Florida markets than any other port, plus services to the southeastern United States, Caribbean, Central America, South America, Europe, Canada, Africa and Asia
  • Efficient transportation links by road, rail, sea and air - including nonstop direct highway access to Orlando.
  • Direct access to the Atlantic Ocean, only 45 minutes from first buoy to dock
  • Deep water at entrance channel (-44 feet or -13.4 meters) and berths (-40 feet to -35 feet or -12.1 to -10.6 meters)
  • Open, covered, specialized and cold/chill/freezer dockside warehousing facilities
  • Foreign Trade Zone 136
  • Independent inspection and government services on site and available 24/7
  • Continuous investment in infrastructure upgrades - piers, channel, roadways, etc
  • Low pilotage rates
  • Union and non-union stevedoring
  • Available capacity
  • Motivated, service-oriented cargo team

Navigating Port Canaveral - Channel and Dock Statistics and Restrictions

Channel length is 7 nautical miles (12.9K)

Main Channel Mean Low Water Levels

  • Entrance Channel: -44 feet (- 13.4 meters)
  • Main Channel: -41 feet (- 12.5 meters)
  • Central Turning Basin: -38 feet (- 12.4 meters)
  • W. Turning Basin: -35 feet (- 10.7 meters)

Channel Depths and Restrictions

  • Army Corps Project Depth for channel leading to above berths is -39 feet (-11.88 meters). In addition, the Canaveral Port Authority provides depths in channel of -41 feet (-12.5 meters).
  • Maximum Draft in Channel: -39 feet-06 inches (- 12 meters)
  • Minimum Under-keel Clearance for Vessels in Channel: 02 feet-06 inches (0.76 meters)


Tide Restrictions

  • Vessels drawing 36 feet (11 meters) or less: Transit anytime
  • Vessels drawing over 36 feet or 11 meters (up to 39 feet-06 inches or 12 meters): Begin movements 2 hours before High Water
NOTE: Vessels drawing over 36 feet (11 meters) draft require three tugboats and a 48-hour notice is requested to ensure there are no delays.

Swing or Turning Basin Radius

  • Central Turning Basin: 2000 feet x 1400 feet (600 meters x 427 meters)
  • West Turning Basin: 2000 feet x 1400 feet (600 meters x 427 meters)


Berth Draft Limits

Berth Vessel Length Maximum Draft
North 1 Unlimited 38'-09" 11.8M
North 2 Unlimited 38'-09" 11.8M
North 3 Unlimited 32'-00 9.75M
North 4 Not to extend more than225' (68.58M) to west of pier face 34'-00" 11M
Tanker Berth 1 Not to extend more than140' (42.67M) to west of pier face 39'06" 12M
Tanker Berth 2/South 4 & 5 Unlimited 39.06" 12M
South 1/2/3 Unlimited 34'10" 10.6M
Cruise Terminal 2/3 Unlimited 33'00" 10M
Cruise Terminal 4 Not to extend more than100' (30.48M) to west of pier face 31'06" 9.6M
Cruise Terminal 5 970 (295.66M) of docking space 35'00" 10.7M
Cruise Terminal 8 1,000 (304.8M) of docking space 35'00" 10.7M
Cruise Terminal 9/10

1,100 (335.28M) of docking space
Not to extend more than100' (30.48M) to west of pier face

33'-06" 10.2M

NOTE: Minimum under-keel clearance for vessels at all berths is 6 inches (.076 meters) at all times. It is the responsibility of the vessel's Master to ensure that this requirement is met. Further restrictions may be imposed due to vessel characteristics and channel shoaling.

Transportation Links

Port Canaveral enjoys a central and accessible location, connected to key markets by direct routes and efficient modes of transport.

By Road

A modern highway network provides uncongested trucking routes between Port Canaveral and the Southeast:

Eastern seaboard's main north-south corridor, Interstate 95, only 13 nonstop miles away

Direct access west via State Road 528, just outside the port 

Convenient access to all corners of Florida via links to U.S. 1, the Florida Turnpike, Interstate 4 and other major routes

Several firms located at Port Canaveral offer trucking service.

By Rail

Titusville Norfolk Southern Terminal:

• Only 17.6 miles from Port Canaveral and 24 minutes by truck
• Offering service between Titusville and Chicago, Atlanta, Dallas, Kansas City and Los Angeles
• Terminal Capabilities: TOFC/COFC/ Stack Car, Bottom and Top Lift, EMP (53')
Florida East Coast Railway access is offered by private terminal access.
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By Air

Less than one-hour's drive of Port Canaveral, there are:
• Three international airports - Orlando International Airport, Melbourne International Airport and Orlando Sanford International Airport
• One regional airport - Space Coast Regional Airport
• All with freight handling facilities and air cargo service

By Sea

Vessel Services Available:

• Eukor - cars, trucks and heavy equipment to Central America, the Caribbean and West Africa
• Seatrade - fresh produce from Central America; general cargo to Central America; juice to Europe
• Great American Lines - fresh citrus to Japan
• Green Reefers - juice to Europe; from South America
• Gorthon Lines - newsprint from Canada
• Saga Forest Carriers - lumber from Europe
• Star Shipping - lumber from Europe

Other vessel service and routes are available on a charter and/or inducement basis.

Cruise Line Features

Park Next to Your Ship and Terminal
Our dedicated cruise terminals and premier parking facilities are custom designed to let you drive right into the Port and arrive and depart quickly without having to wait for an off-Port parking lot shuttle. Just follow clear signage to your terminal, park next to your ship in a secure lot or shady parking garage and let the cruising mood begin! See videos of how easy it really is to drive to the Port find your ship and terminals in our electronic Cruise Guide.
Each of our seven beautiful cruise terminals has its own conveniently located secure parking area close to the ships. All parking facilities at Port Canaveral are gated and well-lighted, and we have our own federally trained police force that patrols our parking areas 24/7 so you know your property is well protected while you sail.

A Side (North) Cruise Terminals
Cruise Terminals 5, 6, 8 and 10 are located on the A (North) side of the Port, off of State Road 401.

Terminal 5 is an elegant two-story triangular terminal boasting a 30-foot high atrium filled with tropical vegetation and three cascading waterfalls. Embarking passengers glide upward into a glass-enclosed second-floor lounge with water views in every direction, while disembarking passengers, luggage, and ship's provisions move through the downstairs areas. 

Cruise Terminal 6 is our newest cruise facility, designed specifically for the modern generation of cruise ships. Sleek and luminous, with awe-inspiring ships' views, the terminal's design includes highly visible ship-linked signage, convenient and safety-conscious passenger and baggage flow, and high-volume processing capacity for efficient embarkation. 

The first terminal in the U.S. built to a specific cruise line's specifications and for its exclusive use, Cruise Terminal 8 was custom-designed for Disney. It boasts a 90-foot high glass tower, a connecting covered walkway from the parking garage and lots of special Disney touches. The terminal was renovated and enlarged in 2010 to welcome the newest generation of Disney ships. 

Cruise Terminal 10 is a beautiful, modern terminal with all the technological bells and whistles, including an automated baggage conveyor system and three-tiered passenger-loading tower with elevator and escalators. The massive murals of local plants, animals and recreation installed on the exterior of this terminal's parking garage make it easy to locate. 
B Side (South) Cruise Terminals
Terminals 2, 3 & 4 are dome-shaped structures located on the B (south) side of the Port at the east end of George King Boulevard.

Victory Casino Cruises 
Terminal 2 is reserved for the exclusive use of Victory Casino Cruises.

Port-of-Call Ships
Terminal 3 is dedicated to visiting (port-of-call) cruise ships.

Port-of-Call Ships
Terminal 4 is dedicated to visiting (port-of-call) cruise ships.

NOTE: Ship schedules and assigned terminals are subject to change. Please check with your travel agent or cruise line for the latest information on where you will be embarking.

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