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Monday, August 5, 2013 | Categories:

The photograph below shows the utter devastation wreaked on the Mississippi Gulf coast by hurricane Katrina in the autumn of 2005. Whilst most of the news revolved around the damage done by the floods in neighboring New Orleans, many of you may have missed the damage caused by the same storm in Mississippi.

The photograph shows the coastline and buildings in the small town of Pass Christian, which was home to Fillette Green's corporate and accounting offices. This is the building behind the salt-blackened tree across from the displaced Hancock Bank marquee. The contents of the ground floor offices, including a half-ton floor safe, disappeared completely in the fury of the storm. Everything on the upper floor suffered wind and rain damage through the broken windows and breached roof.

Fortunately our staff, most of whom lived locally, suffered no loss of life. However, all lost their homes and most of their treasured possessions, including the company president whose home was 4 km from the waterfront and which had standing water in it to a height of 8 meters above ground level.

Consequently, the corporate and accounting offices have moved to Tampa, Florida, where they were up-and-running in a remarkably short time after the storm.

We want to thank all of our clients and vendors for having been so understanding during the disruptions caused by the storm.

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